What we do...

...the space between an auction house and an art gallery.


The Gallerist positions itself primarily in the secondary art market, however, we also represent selected artists. We market and sell works held in Private Art Collections on behalf of the owners. Our main focus is our online gallery, but occasionally we complement that with a physical exhibition.

Our commission rates are very competitive at 12.5% for online transactions and 25% for works sold at exhibitions. We encourage you to get in touch if you have art you would like to list or exhibit.

Art listed on The Gallerist will be marketed internationally ensuring the broadest possible audience. A sale will be brokered between vendor and collector. Your art remains securely in your personal possession until sold. Once you have made arrangements for the art to be freighted to the new owner, you will receive your payment. This will be the sales price as listed, less The Gallerist' commission.


If required, The Gallerist will assist in arranging the safe and secure freighting of artworks by being partnered with experts in the field, who have packed and shipped art for many years. The purchaser pays for shipping and freighting.


There is no charge to list your art and no limit to the number of artworks you can list.