Nicolaas Maritz (born 9 July 1959) is a South African multi-media artist. His artistic roots are deeply embedded in the Southern African landscape. Drawing inspiration from its shapes and colours, its creatures and its sounds, he has, during his long career, created a unique body of work, instantly recognizable by virtue of the idiosyncrasy of his vision and the immediacy of the manner in which it is realized. Curious juxtapositions – of the real and the fantastical, the natural and the artificial, the simple and the complex, the humorous and the sinister – are a defining characteristic of Maritz’s art.


Many writers have commented on this aspect of his work, and on the creative friction generated by this interplay of contradictory elements, which extends also to his stylistic usage and artistic aims. In describing his paintings, Hilary Prendini-Toffoli writes, “though deceptively naive, in a retro technique evocative of the ‘30s and ‘40s, these multi-levelled paintings manage at the same time to be both meaningful and decorative.”


Maritz was born into an artistic Pretoria family, his father an architect and his mother a ceramic artist. Early influences which were to inform his work, were derived from his parents, his Namibian grandmother, and two artistic Pretoria aunts. Their architectural designs and drawings, watercolours, graphic work, ceramics and illustrations inspired the young Maritz, and helped to form his precocious artistic sensibility, long before he reached art school at the University of Cape Town in 1978.

Nicolaas Maritz: Still Life with Cat

  • Medium: Enamel

    Size: H: 1004mm x W: 830mm. Framed.