We landed the helicopter alongside this Glacier lake, the water was a green / blue colour and the clarity was amazing. The sunny day created this amazing reflection in the water.

On location in the South Island of New Zealand doing a photography shoot of the Fiordland National Park


This remarkable natural environment features stunning fiords, spectacular waterfalls and snow-capped peaks.

Ancient rainforest clings impossibly to the mountains; waterfalls tumble hundreds of meters into massive fiords; shimmering lakes and granite peaks look the same today as they did a thousand years ago.

It is one of only few places in the world that is still untouched by man and can only be accessed via helicopter.

Gary White: Glacier Lake Reflection

  • Medium: Aluminium HD metal framed print.

    Size: H: 1016mm x W: 1016mm x D: 48mm.

    Edition: One of 50

    Year photographed: 2018