Diane Victor was born in Witbank, South Africa. She received her BA Fine Arts Degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, in 1986.


Victor's work uses the figure, often her own self-portrait, to create complex narratives relating to contemporary South Africa and to the more global crisis of war, corruption and violence in both the public, political and in private life. 


Victor's work challenges the viewer to scour her heavily packed images, densely rich in individual detail, to discover their levels of irony and action. Singularly devoid of any classicising hope of order, these images recall Breugal or Bosch in their pessimistic view of the world and the heaping of one folly on top of another".


Victor depicts reality fraught with injustice, revealing the complexity of contemporary existence. Her ability to present her themes and subjects in a manner that all but forces our identification with them ejects us out of our complacent stupors, whether we wish it or not.

Diane Victor: Bearer (from Four Horses series), 2010

  • Medium: Etching and digital printing.

    Size: H: 1040mm x W: 1980mm D: 2mm.