"Located on a central ridge and a steep descent from Mt Hobson (621 m), Mt Heale Hut has stunning views over the Hauraki Gulf and Little Barrier Island. The night sky was so breath taking we dragged our bunk mattresses out on to the balcony to sleep the night. It was an incredible experience seeing 24 shooting stars and Mt Heale “erupting” with the Milky Way." Carol Comer

Carol Comer: Mt Heale Eruption

  • This is a limited edition of 14 and is number 1 in the series. It is a C-Type print created with the highest quality Fuji Chrystal Archive Gloss, mounted on KAPA foam board with aluminium liners to ensure dimensional stability and then framed with premium non reflective UltraVue glass to last a lifetime.

    Size: A2