Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is The Gallerist a New Zealand company?

A: Yes, The Gallerist is an Auckland based company registered and incorporated in New Zealand.


Q: Who determines the price of the artwork?

A: The Vendor determines the price of a listed artwork. 


Q: Can the artwork be listed elsewhere?

A: Yes, the artwork can be listed elsewhere. The Gallerist must be informed within 24 hours if it has been sold through an alternative channel.


Q: Can a listing be withdrawn from the platform?

A: Yes, the listing can be withdrawn by sending an email and once the response has been received, the listing will be withdrawn.


Q: When do I receive payment for my listing?

A: Within two working days of a completed sale and of funds being cleared.


Q: How will the payments be settled?

A: Via bank transfer into The Vendor’s nominated bank account.


Q: Who owns the copyright of works listed on The Gallerist?

A: Copyright remains with the Artist unless legally transferred to an alternate party.


Q: Can I arrange a commission artwork?

A: Yes, a large number of our artists are available to create a work specifically for you.


Q: Who is responsible for the freight / delivery cost?

A: The Purchaser is responsible for the freight / delivery cost.


Q: Can I collect a work I have bought?

A: At times, The Vendor allows a pick up – please contact The Gallerist before purchasing an artwork if this is your preference.